Imagine a veil of ebony tresses that flow like a cascading waterfall. A chic lavender pixie cut. Golden blonde highlights that shimmer in the setting sun. 

Well-tended to hair is an aesthetic, and so much more — it is a means of self-expression. Through hues, cuts, and styles, we derive confidence and power. 

Tending to hair is an art form, and here at Josef Mikel Salon in the heart of Pleasantville, we are the painters, the designers, the visionaries. 

At our award-winning salon, headed by highly sought after master stylist Josef Gecaj, we specialize in exceeding the expectation and delivering a high-end luxurious experience that you won’t find elsewhere.

We recognize that we are all always in a constant state of evolution — on a journey to discovering our authentic selves and realizing our inner beauty. Our uniquely talented and creative team will help you transition into the most beautiful and best version of yourself. Allow our skilled stylists and colorists to help your inner beauty shine through in a powerful and transformative way. 

Elevate your beauty and discover the poise and magnificence that already lies within. 

Voted Best Salon in the county by the readers of Westchester Magazine in 2020 and 2021. Our colorists Lauren Maglio DiLascio and Gina Primavera were voted by the readers of Westchester Magazine as Best Colorists in 2018 and 2020, respectively.