Angelina Juncaj




The co-owner and creative director of Josef Mikel Salon, Angelina Juncaj is the beauty and brains behind our award-winning brand. A Detroit native, Juncaj moved to Westchester after meeting her fiancé, salon owner Josef Gecaj. Juncaj’s wealth of knowledge of business operations and ventures with entrepreneurship position her well to manage the thriving salon. 


Juncaj’s professional background is impressive and spans several industries. By the age of 18, she had taken the reins of her family’s restaurant business in Detroit, becoming a “self-taught entrepreneur,” she says. The eldest child of immigrant parents, Juncaj possessed an innate savvy nature and an understanding of business far beyond her years. Though young, she was able to identify weaknesses in the business model and apply insight to improve the company. 


A balance to her practical mind, Juncaj is also a creative soul. After managing her family’s restaurant, she sought to express her imaginative nature, and began working for Saks Fifth Avenue, first as a visual display merchandiser (creating eye-catching displays in the store’s windows, styling mannequins, and designing the selling floor) and then as a Personal Stylist Assistant in the Fifth Avenue Club. She later joined the selling floor herself, which allowed her to create her own business in a sense, which she sorely missed. Her manager saw her capability to lead, and asked her to train the new hires on the contemporary floor. One of those new hires is now a top Personal Shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue and credits Juncaj with her success. 


After several years working at Saks Fifth Avenue, Juncaj went on to work as a keyholder and a product knowledge specialist at Intermix, a store that carried her “dream wardrobe.”


Throughout her career at Saks Fifth Avenue and Intermix, Juncaj also worked for MGM Grand Casino in Detroit, in the hospitality sector. 


In 2015, she was offered a marketing job for a construction company. She soon ascended to the role of general manager. In this position, she played a vital role in helping the company grow.


Juncaj’s relentless drive, levelheaded disposition, and kind nature make her a celebrated leader in any industry. 


Now, she is involved in the day-to-day operations of Josef Mikel Salon. Her extensive professional experience and clear vision allow her to confidently lead the talented and experienced team to continued success.