Maria Mrnacaj





Maria Mrnacaj, a longtime industry veteran, entered the biz more than 30 years ago, having started out working for her cousin’s salon. Over the last three decades, she has risen through the ranks and garnered a loyal following county-wide. “I get a lot of referrals,” she shares. 


A Goldwell Master Colorist with an impressive collection of certifications (Schwartzkorp, Framesi, Clairol, and Redken), she says she feels in the zone when coloring and styling: “It relaxes me. I feel the creativity that is coming out naturally. I don’t have to think about what I’m doing. I know color very well.”


Her decade of experience as a medical aesthetician allows her to view clients holistically when determining how best to enhance their hair. When clients come into the salon, she sees “what they are wearing, the way they are speaking, what kind of hair they have. Then I start staring at their faces. I go by the complexion of the skin, the eyebrows, the mouth, the structure of the face… the whole person.” She discusses with the client their goals and her honest approach often makes clients feel at ease. 


Her detailed consideration of a client’s physical traits and personality allows her to offer highly tailored looks for each individual. She excels at classic color that is transitional, highlights, and balayage.


The Hastings On Hudson resident has the confidence that comes with decades of practice: “I’m an excellent colorist. I style hair very well.” She is family-oriented, even as it relates to her work. “When I speak to the client, I feel like they’re one of my friends or a family member, and they know that. I’m very close with them.”


Clients return for her deep-rooted knowledge of the industry, her creative nature, and precision as it relates to the craft.